Bit Better Book Club 🎉

Weeks 3 and 4: The Obstacle is the Way 🚧

Are you back on track from all the festivities?

Time to read:

The Obstacle is the Way” by Ryan Holiday

This is our second position to start the year in the right way. The goal of “Indistractable” was to help us focus and resists distraction. This time, we will ponder upon the more philosophical aspects of our daily struggles.

Just 16 pages (or 26 minutes for an audiobook) a day to finish it in 2 weeks :raised_hands:

Ooph… the reviews for this are damning, including your rating :slight_smile: I’ll probably skip this one.

Off-topic, how are we voting for books to read this year?

Well, there are many good reviews for that as well. It’s a stoic philosophy described in a modern way. I’m just not a fan of the author’s style, that’s all.

We will be voting in the general topics and the books within that topics. Should give better order than last year when many books were “Kahnemann revisited”