Bit Better Book Club 🎉

[POLL] What topics would you like to read about in 2020?

I guess you are already missing our good old polls!

This time we’ll go with something different. Instead of choosing titles, we’ll choose the topics that we’d like to cover during the year.

You can give between three and eight votes, so choose wisely!

  • Habits
  • Sex
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Future of Work
  • Interacting with People
  • Our World
  • Interesting Lives
  • Our Future
  • Our History
  • Learning
  • Growing
  • Productivity
  • Building Companies
  • How Things Work
  • Creativity
  • Deep Thoughts
  • Inspiration

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Maybe Philosophy and Economy is missing.

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When you say “Our”… does that mean “humanity” or “this book club”?

I tried to be broad in descriptions. Our means humanity in general, but also people interested in the Bit Better community: constant learners, makers, entrepreneurs, and so on.

Philosophy, in my understanding falls under Deep Thoughts.

Economy, under Our World.