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Why Smart People Should Read Fewer Books

I found this article today: Why Smart People Should Read Fewer Books and Listen to More Podcasts. I’m curious what’s your opinion on the topic?

Makes a lot of sense - except for the clickbaity title maybe :wink: - especially when you look at this fancy statistics. The article inspired me to add review my pending to-read list and be absolutely ruthless about it.

It’s extremely toilsome for me to process complex information in the form of podcasts, be it learning modality or #justOlgierdthings™, have little to no problem with conference / lecture recordings. I’m aware that “podcasts” migh’ve been used as a descriptor of a much broader category than audio-only recordings, yet still worth mentioning imo.

Also: according to Wikipedia and the article there are more great books published in one year in China alone than you can read in a lifetime. That strengthens the case for the author and on the other hand makes me wonder about the importance of letting go.

Completely disagree with everything said in that article :slight_smile:

A great book cannot be condensed into a 60 minute interview and you definitely cannot listen to it and then take away enough tangible facts to claim that you have learned anything beyond trivia that’s nice for coffee table small talk.