Bit Better Book Club 🎉

Why read? How to read? Interesting article about "Read clusters of five books."

I found this last night:

Here is the gist:

I shoot for 40 pages every day, and fail maybe a third of the time. That works out to about 10,000 pages or ~20 books every year.

Reading twenty books a year gets you a lot. Consider: one book gives you more knowledge about a subject than almost every other person on the planet, because people don’t read. Two books on the same subject give you more knowledge than almost any reader, because people don’t read two books about the same thing. How many people who read The Power Broker went on to read a second book about Robert Moses? I’d wager not many.

The above is a good reason on why to read at all, but it gets better, when he reads, he decides to read about a certain new topic, and pics five books surrounding that topic (not all five being EXACTLY about that topic) and reads them back to back.

For example, you can look at the world through history of technology that became ubiquitous. Here is one possible list of books to stitch together this lens: The Victorian Internet, Empires of Light, The Wright Brothers, The Network, Hackers. Very few people in the world read all five of these books. Even within Silicon Valley, where everyone’s living depends on creating new ubiquitous technology, your understanding of how technology becomes ubiquitous will be in the 95th percentile

I find this idea very compelling.

The downside is, it makes it impossible to read as a member of a book club, you’d constantly be busy to read the five books that you chose to read next and there is just no way that all members of a book club have the same interests and needs in life at the same time, so not everyone will want to read those specific five books at the same time. :frowning:


I see a potential for a hack here :slight_smile:

You can use a title from a book club (say, “Make”) as Book 1 on the subject and find 4 more on the same topic. Sure, this would mean you won’t make it on time for every book, but this is something to consider.

My personal take whenever I want to dive into a new topic is to listen to a few Blinkist summaries on the topic and then choose a book whose summary appealed to me the most.

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