Bit Better Book Club πŸŽ‰

Weeks 29 and 30: Tao Te Ching ☯

Welcome to weeks 29 and 30!

Time to read:

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

This short position should provide some breathing space after the much longer β€œ12 Rules for Life.” The topic, however, stays similar. Both texts are philosophical and contain guidelines on how to design our lifes. Jordan B. Peterson references Tao Te Ching several times in his book and he is not the only person inspired by β€œTao Te Ching.”

While Western lifestyle and values is often portrayed by the media, this is a chance to learn one of the Eastern perspectives.

Just 6 pages (or 7 minutes for an audiobook) a day to finish it in 2 weeks :raised_hands:

I liked it very much!

I have a lot of highlights in this book that resonated with me. Even thugh it is a few millenia old, some of the observations are timeless and are very accurate today.

Something that touched me deeply was the description of a good leader. In Lao Tzu’s word, the leader leads not by telling others what to do, but by doing. Not by creating hierarchy, but by helping people communicate with each other. When everything’s done, people believe they did it themsleves, without any external inspiration. It’s just natural. This kinda reminded me of The Culture Code and the way how the best teams are formed.

Other than everything else, it was great to read something that is not so Western-centric (or USA-centric) for a change!