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Weeks 21 and 22: Homo Deus 🔱

Welcome to weeks 21 and 22!

Time to read:

Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari

Not only is this book written by the author of “Sapiens” which was one of the best books we’ve read last year. This one is also recommended by Richard Branson whose memoir was our previous assignment. This won’t be a short or easy read, but we can assume it will be a satisfying one!

Just 34 pages (or 1 hour and 4 minutes for an audiobook) a day to finish it in 2 weeks :raised_hands:

I find it funny that I noticed a coincidence between the subjective and objective debate around perception of Quality from Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and the subjective and objective debate around the mind and consciousness in Homo Deus.

At the moment, the book is very hard to read for me. The chapter on human cruelty (already discussed in “Sapiens”) is a bit to omuch for me considering the current situation.

For now, I’ve shelved “Homo Deus” and switched to something lighter. I plan to get back once I have a proper energy level for it.

Just completed this. Glad we picked it up after Who Owns The Future!

I’ve finished yesterday nad, yeah, some parallels to “Who Owns the Future” were clear for me. The more we read, the more details we can spot in the books, I believe.

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