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Incredible knowledge management tool: Roam

A few days ago I stumbled upon and now I’m deep down the rabbit hole and I think I have finally found a notes taking app to rule them all.

I am going to use it for GTD and to take notes for all books that I read. I’m also using it for taking short notes about what I do each day, but more intimate thought still goes into my encrypted Standard Notes app.

There are some nice videos on Youtube on how to use Roam for notes taking.

Here is a good interview with the founder that should give you an idea about what it is all about:

Here is a good post for an overview, if you don’t want to watch a video right now:

Here is a guide for GTD in Roam:

I will now read all my books on my iPad Pro on split screen mode, I will have the book on the left, 80% of the screen, and my browser with Roam on the right, 20% of the screen. I can then underline stuff in my Kindle, as usual, and immediately copy the really really good quotes into my [[Book Title]] page in Roam, and add a few tags, if needed. Over time, this will build up an incredible knowledge graph.

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Looks interesting. Reminds me a bit of Notion. Have you tried it, @mbrochh? I wonder if you could share a brief comparison.

Yes I’m a paying Notion customer but I must admit that Notion dropped off my radar and ended up being yet another notes graveyard for me.

I think Notion has this concept of blocks as well? But the similarities end there. Roam is a lot more sophisticated in linking pages to each other, while Notion is just pretty and has lots of widgets to display different kinds of data.